6 Items to Upgrade Your Backyard


Making your backyard perfect for the spring and summer seasons is more important now than ever. With social distancing still here to stay and outdoor gatherings remaining the best way to enjoy close friends and family, now is a great time to elevate your outdoor space. Upgrade your backyard with these six items.

Raised Herb Garden
Whether you have a large garden already or no garden at all, adding a small raised planter on your deck or patio is an excellent choice. Keep shade-loving herbs close by for added appeal and greenery in your seating area. Not only will your space look lovely, but your outdoor dinners will get a huge boost of flavour with fresh herbs ready to be used.

Fire Pit
Stay out even on chilly spring or summer nights with a fire pit. Choose a gas fire table or pit that follows your municipal fire safety laws, and your whole family will enjoy the warmth and ambiance all night long. Adults will enjoy the relaxing conversation focal point, and kids will adore the promise of smores in summer.

Wall Decor
You would never call a space finished indoors before adding a few art and decor pieces on the wall, don’t make the mistake of thinking your outdoor space is different. Whether your seating area is surrounded by a fence or your home’s exterior, add a few of your favourite outdoor-safe decor items to enhance your aesthetic truly.

Few things are more comfortable on a sunny day than resting in a hammock with a good book or a glass of lemonade. Find a good spot for a hammock or do some research to select your favourite lounge chair and ensure that everyone has a spot to engage in a little relaxation outside this year.

String Lights
Whether you opt for large bulb string lights or classic white Christmas lights, give your backyard the feel of a tropical resort in the evening. Make sure that your evenings outdoors are truly magical with an assortment of lighting options to boost the appeal of your personal backyard oasis.

Extra Foliage
A good space will be well-landscaped, but a truly upgraded outdoor space will feature additional foliage for an oasis-like feel. In addition to your yard’s natural landscaping, add plants and flowers in your seating area in the form of hanging planters and nearby pots. Opt for vibrant flowers and cascading greenery to boost your outdoor aesthetic truly.

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