Convert a Spare Bedroom Into a Luxury Closet

Luxury Closet

Suppose you’re like many people with an expansive wardrobe. In that case, you will agree with recently surveyed homebuyers that a walk-in closet with perhaps a dressing area is the second most crucial feature wanted in an upscale home.

Respondents to a National Association of REALTORS® Buyers Home Feature Preference study ranked the extravagance just under air conditioning in terms of superior comfortable living—and 60 percent of them said they would spend the money to install the feature the home they bought did not have one.

Installing the ultimate walk-in is easy to do without significant upset, designers say if your home has a spare bedroom adjacent to the master suite.

First, suggested one designer be strategic. Take a good look at your clothing and accessories to determine the kind of space you need. Do you require a lengthy hanging space for full-length dresses, for example—or more than average space for shoes and purses? How much shelving will it take to hold your sweaters and folded shirts? How much drawer space for socks and underwear, and jewelry and accessories? And speaking of jewelry, do you want a wall safe built into your new walk-in closet?

Lighting is important. Whether you choose track lighting, recessed fixtures, or crystal chandeliers, you will want to be sure they provide enough ambient light to illuminate all the room’s contents.

Do you want a seating area? Having a room-sized closet means you also have space to add seating, so you can sit down if you wish. Plan for a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge you can sit on while you put on shoes and a lighted vanity where you can sit to put on makeup or accessories.

Every good walk-in closet needs a full-length mirror—and depending upon the size of the room, a qualified custom closet designer will provide more ideas for turning your spare room into the walk-in closet you envision—beautifully finished and perfectly organized to maximize space and light.

From double-hanging rods and floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves to hanging or expanding wall pegs for belts, scarves or ties, there are other options a creative designer will suggest based on your needs and specifications. Whether you find your designer online or through a personal recommendation, be sure to review photos of their past designs and chat with two or three past clients about their room conversion experience.

That unused bedroom can provide much more than a little extra closet space. Done right, it can become a spacious wardrobe oasis.

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