Decorative Items You Should Remove Before an Open House


The decor in your home says a lot about you. Your favourite sports teams, colours, even your political beliefs often make their presence known through your home’s decor. And when it comes time to sell your home, potential buyers can be easily swayed by the decor rather than the home itself. So before you open up your home for a tour, even for video or photos for the listing, be sure to remove these items.

Personal Photographs
Because buying a home is one of the most intimate purchases someone will make, you want to remove any images that may make a potential buyer feel as if they are intruding in someone else’s home. Family photos and personal photographs may make it hard for a buyer to envision themselves living there. It also allows for the REALTORⓇ to stage a cleaner and less cluttered room, which may attract more eyes to your home.

Vibrant Colored Frames, Vases and Artwork
You may love a bright red painting or a neon yellow vase, but that doesn’t mean all buyers appreciate your style. When a buyer walks into a home, it is important to make them feel welcome and comfortable, and if they are distracted by bright coloured decor items, they may ignore the home itself. Swap out your colourful decor for neutral tones and basics styling.

Political or Religious Messaging
Expressing your religious and political views is natural in your own home. However, potential buyers may not have the same beliefs as you and your family. When it comes time to sell, it’s best to pack up these items as they can hurt an open house. Respect the differences and opinions others may have by removing any decor or artwork that might be considered controversial or that will not allow them to see themselves and their families living in your home.

Sports Memorabilia 
It is important to remove any affiliations to specific sports teams similar to political and religious messaging and artwork. Though this may seem trivial, many people take their love of sports seriously, and if they tour a home with a rival team plastered on the walls, it may be hard for them to picture residing here. Also, the style of sports-related decor often conflicts with your home’s other aesthetics. Again, replace any team-specific artwork with neutral pieces.

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